Armagh Visitor Education Committee

Terms of Reference and Mission Statement

Summary of AVEC

The Armagh Visitor Education Committee (AVEC) seeks to promote communication, co-operation and partnership between the visitor attractions, museums, libraries and other facilities in the City of Armagh. The city's academic institutions, libraries, and museums contain a wide range of fascinating historical material as well as nationally important archives, artefacts and specialist collections. The principal education and visitor attractions display not just the past and future developments of the city, but its historic position as the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland and as a special place with a uniquely rich cultural heritage. The city's association with regional administration has roots extending thousands of years to the crowning of the great kings of Ulster and the time of Saint Patrick. Most of the organizations below are open to visitors, others by appointment. Some have specially designed schools education programmes covering key stages 1-4. In addition to the hotels and guesthouses within Armagh City and District, the Armagh City Youth Hostel provides a range of comfortable en-suite accommodation close to the City Centre (Tel: 028-3751-1800). Further information on the AVEC institutions is available from the list at the bottom of this page.

Mission Statement

It is the intention of this committee to promote communication, co-operation and partnership enterprise between all those engaged in the delivery of an education service in the various visitor attractions/facilities, libraries, and museums in Armagh City.

It is our belief that by working in partnership to promote key events throughout the year we will contribute to the positive image of Armagh as a place to visit. The sharing of ideas and resources will help us maximise resources and further enhance the excellent quality of service across all facilities. By working together on key events we aim to raise the profile of the education service that is available in each facility and therefore contribute to an increase in visitor numbers.

AVEC Leaflets and Flyers

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